PagerDuty for CRMOps

PagerDuty Configuration#

How to set up your Crisis Response Management instance in PagerDuty:

PagerDuty Mobile app - Ask each member to install and configure the mobile app for maximum reachability.

User Management - Make sure you’ve added your Executive Crisis Leadership and Crisis Response Team members to the system.

Contact information - Ask each member to log into the web application and update their profile information including their phone, email and SMS contact information especially if they’ve changed devices.

PagerDuty user contact information settings

Notification rules - Ask each member to set their high urgency, low urgency, handoff and subscriber notification rules under their profile.

Use multiple contact methods for high urgency incidents

Teams - Create teams for your Executive Crisis Leadership Team, each of your Crisis Team Leaders, and essential support functions like Crisis Communications, IT or Legal

Services - Create and configure a service for each of your crisis categories led by your Crisis Team Leaders, e.g., supply chain, human resources, critical infrastructure, geopolitics, physical security, etc.

Urgency - Set your notification urgency for each service whether high, low, dynamic or based on operating hours

Escalation policies - Decide who gets notified first and how long before the notification escalates to the next team member and configure round robin scheduling if you wish to alternate per crisis

Escalation policies determine which responders are contacted

Integrations - Add your instant messaging, video conferencing tool or create a custom email integration or connections to other systems for triggering alerts

Schedules - Create your on-call rotations for the teams associated with each crisis service

Using multiple layers in schedules helps teams create full coverage

Incident Priority - Add your custom classification scheme for your crisis response escalation levels

Incident workflows - Create your workflows for each crisis based on conditions such as priority, status and urgency using system templates or from scratch

Incident workflows can help with communication and coordination

On-call readiness report - Confirm that your teams are on-call ready and properly configured

Postmortem template - Configure your postmortem template to fit your needs post-crisis

Status pages - Configure your status page templates for internal stakeholders

Use status updates to communicate with stakeholders